Olive’s Animal Parade Party!

by sublimeevents

My sweet little Olive turned 3, OH ME!  (Don’t mind my lipstick kiss on the cheek, I couldn’t resist!)  When I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said she wanted a circus.  So, a CIRCUS we did.  The cotton candy arrived just in time from Stanton Island, NY, and the jumbo balloons I ordered from Chicago were a huge hit!  There was plenty of food and chaos to go around.  We dined on smoked salmon bruschetta with truffle salt, goat cheese and meyer lemon, pesto torte, caprese skewers with aged balsamic, and more.  And then there were CUPCAKES!

Nutella Cupcakes – YUM!  And being a considerate hostess, Olive and I wanted to have an alternative for anybody who might have a nut allergy, or possibly just not like Nutella (can you imagine?!?).  So Olive wanted to make her own mini vanilla cupcakes.  Some with sprinkles, and some without – “because not everybody likes SPRINKLES!”

And then the parade began.  Olive, the giraffe!  Emerson the bunny!

Say, what did the lion whisper to the giraffe?  Darn, I wish I knew.

It all worked out fine in the end, but in hindsight, probably not the smartest idea to stick a SPARKLER in front of your 3 year old daughter.  She seemed amused, but there was clearly fear in the air.

On the other hand, OWEN appeared bored with the cupcake…..

ASHER looked perplexed by the cupcake…..

But CASH knew just what to do!

And then the CHAOS resumed.

Opening gifts was a group effort.

With a final pose from the group, and a boisterous “HURRAY” from Olive (great, already annoying the boys!), the evening ended with a bang….and one very tired Mommy.  Thanks to great friends for all their love and support!

Finally, a SMOOCH and a HUG to Natalia Dotto for capturing it all.