I Heart Event Design: Get Hitched Give Hope 2010

by sublimeevents

Okay, I’ll admit, this was a cut and paste post from the Get Hitched Give Hope blog, but I can’t help but share what gets me excited about being involved in the industry I work in.  If you’re not familiar, GHGH is taking place on October 28, 2010 at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle.  You do NOT want to miss it.  Tickets are going on sale soon, so stay tuned!

“Please welcome another amazing member of the Get Hitched, Give Hope team, Shannon Lassen of Sublime Events!  Shannon has been an event planner for nine years, and has owned Sublime Events for four years.

Shannon, what do you love about your work? I love every detail, every finishing touch, every logistic, every moment of insanity, and every moment of perfection.  I dream in color palettes and live in inspiration.

What drew you to Get Hitched, Give Hope? The group of strong, intelligent, and caring women who dreamt up the idea and put the plan in action.  I am constantly in awe of the dedication and intelligence of the brains behind GHGH.

How are you participating in this year’s event? I have been brought in as the VP of Event Design, aka the “Design Goddess.”  Everything you see the night of the event was dreamt up by me.  I am so grateful for the sponsors who have generously supported GHGH by offering their services to make everything fabulously beautiful on October 28th!

What is your favorite product or service you provide? Peace of Mind!

Why do clients choose you? I’ve been told I’m “easy.”  In the best sense of the term, clients feel comfortable and confident in me and my abilities to relieve them of any stresses they might encounter on their wedding day.”

Thanks to Christopher of Christopher Flowers for keeping up with the GHGH crew and posting on our blog!

Be Sublime,