One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Charitable Giving!

by sublimeevents

Seriously, how many of us have old electronics sitting in drawers without the first clue what to do with them?!?  Here’s your solution – in the month of July, Get Hitched Give Hope is partnering with BuyMyTronics a company in Colorado that pays you for your old/used/broken/or new & unwanted electronics.  As a team (you, the GHGH team and all of our friends & family) we are going to go around town, collecting electronics that are just sitting around in drawers taking up space.  Don’t throw them away – that is wasteful, send them to us!!  We’ll send them intoBuyMyTronics and they will donate the cash to our organization, PLUS they’ll match 5%!!   Help us grant wishes by collecting old, iPhones, iPods, cell phones, GPS, PSP, ink cartridges – include the accessories too, everything helps!!

Be Green, and Be Sublime,