Sweet Birthday Party

by sublimeevents

I couldn’t resist sharing some photos from my daughter’s two year birthday BASH last weekend.  I started dreaming about the party and all the fun details long before the big day, and before I knew it I was baking 25 dozen cookies and renting shot glasses for milk.  My party “theme” was Cookies and Milk Shots.

Adult Milk Shots were a huge hit, and the kids slurped 2%.

Olive’s birthday cake was a miniature 3-tiered red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting made by Yours Truly.  After the laborious task of making the cake, my sweet little girl rejected it completely, preferring a chocolate chip cookie instead!

For the party favors, I made chocolate-chip-cookies-in-a-jar.  An easy and inexpensive favor, and super fun for the kids to take home and relive the cookie madness in their own kitchens.

The “pom pom” balls were a fun project, and a festive alternative to streamers.

The best part of the day was the pure joy on Olive’s face spending time with friends, family and SUGAR!

I was pretty happy, too!  Thanks to wonderful friends for all their love.  Olive and her BFF Cash partied long in to the night!

I can’t resist sharing this last photo of Cash rushing to the door to present Olive with a dozen roses.

I hope you have been inspired to have some fun with your celebrations at home.  Fill them with some home-made love, and you can’t go wrong!

Finally, a HUGE thank you, hugs and kisses to Eliza Truitt of Eliza Truitt Photography for her AMAZING photographs.  She is a true talent!

Be Sublime,