Love Notes – XOXO

by sublimeevents

I heart Valentine’s Day…I really do.  I love making Valentine cards with my daughter, baking Linzer-Raspberry-Heart cookies, and ogling at the sweet window displays downtown.  What I don’t like about Valentine’s day is the pressure, usually instilled upon the boys, to come up with a creative, romantic and unexpected gift for their ladies.  So this post is for the BOYS!  Listen up, and listen good.  If you haven’t already spent endless time and money shopping for that *perfect* pair of earrings (which doesn’t exist, btw), or hunting down her favorite box of chocolates (which changes weekly depending on her mood, btw), or made reservations at the most romantic table in the city (which is not Dick’s Burgers, btw)…..DON’T STRESS!

I guarantee your Valentine will be blown away with a simple LOVE NOTE.  A note is thoughtful, heartfelt, and takes a lot more effort than having the sales girl at Nordstrom pick out some pink lingerie.  So if you’re in a pinch this Sunday, open a bottle of champagne, turn the TV off, and present your girl with a good old fashioned hand-written card.  And if you really want extra BROWNIE POINTS, customize your card with a homemade envelope from Google Maps!  Enter your location, a personal note, and print!  The geniuses at Google will bring the love home to you.  It’s that simple.



p.s.  Disclaimer:  I did not find this sweet idea on my own, it came from a groom I’m currently working with.  Thanks, Jim!