Gimme a WINK!

by sublimeevents

DROM ROLL PLEASE!  After a great deal of anticipation, salivation, and heavenly daydreams on my part, Wink Cupcakes finally opened it’s doors on Queen Anne Hill yesterday.  I have had a love affair with Wink Cupcakes since first meeting original owner Zoe-Ann Bartlett one fine sunny afternoon in 2006.  She had taken up a booth at the Queen Anne Farmer’s market, and my keen eye and honed sense of peanut butter goodness innately drew me to her.  I started out with a “mini”, one of the sweetest little cupcakes you’ll ever see, and left the market with a dozen peanut butter cupcakes that I had no business bringing in to my home!

The shop on Queen Anne is simply delightful.  Current owner, Deanne Ederer Emmons, has created an inviting space where you can not only stop in for a Wink, but they are also serving up Whidbey Island Ice Cream and an organic direct trade Guatemalan coffee blend, grown and roasted specifically for them.  (Ask me what that means, and I’ll promptly change the subject to my ongoing indecisiveness of buttercream vs. cream cheese frosting…..but the coffee sure was yum!)  Cupcakes are baked on site, where you can sit and watch the magic unfold from behind the glass.  And the fun does not stop there!  Deanne plans to have an after school “Happy Hour” where kids can come in and get “buy-one-get-one-half-off!”  It certainly was “happy hour” for my daughter today when I brought her a mini-carrot-cake cupcake!  By the looks of it, I’d say she gives Wink two thumbs up!Wink Cupcakes is located next to the Queen Anne Bookstore and El Diablo Coffee at 1817 Queen Anne Ave.  Be Sublime,