ELMO the Inspirer

by sublimeevents

Picture 7

I find inspiration for weddings, color palettes, style and decor, in many places.  It might be Domino Magazine (oops, rest in peace, my long lost friend), Martha Stewart Weddings, a walk through the local Farmer’s Market boasting the season’s budding flowers, or….wait for it…..ELMO!  Yes, the one and only Elmo via Sesame Street.  The other morning I was feeling uninspired, uncool, and under-acheiving when, alas, what glares me in the face, but Elmo and Mr. Noodle flaunting the most brilliant color scheme as my daughter danced and giggled in front of the television.  And just like that, a lightbulb went off in my head and I found myself in a flurry of inspiration.  In a few minutes time, I had a color palette and inspiration board ready to email to my client.  Success!!  Elmo & Mr. Noodle make the cut.  Moral of the story–inspiration comes from any and all places in your every day walk of life.  Don’t discount a single moment that takes your breath away!

Here are a couple of other photos I came across that inspired color palettes for my upcoming events.

Picture 11

Picture 8

Be Sublime,