Are We All Just Peacocks?

by sublimeevents

Picture 16

“Girl’s Night Out” recently, and paused for contemplation……’Why did I spend extra time on my make-up, flat-ironing my hair, exfoliating, moisturizing, primping, double-checking, shaving, and accessorizing?’  Am I out with the girls, or am I out looking for a mate?  Am I putting on my best show for the opposite sex, or am I just being me?  Are We All Just Peacocks??

THE MALE PEACOCK:  A male (i.e. dude you meet at the local farmer’s market and asks you to dinner Friday night) becomes fully feathered (i.e. responsible enough to pay his own rent without the help of a roommate) at 3 years old (i.e. 31 years old), but can mate earlier (i.e. puberty).  He shuffles his feathers (i.e. grooms his facial hair, applies an obscene amount of cologne, and matches his socks to his shirt) as he fans out his feathers so they are arranged nicely (picks you up Friday night with a bouquet of  flowers).  Then, he shakes his feathers like an aspen tree at the nearest female (i.e. struts in to the restaurant eyeing for a better suitor than whom he arrived with), who usually ignores him, unless she’s ready to mate (i.e. Heidi Klum every other day of the week….she’s pregnant again!?!).  Sometimes he seems to spend time pointing his backside at the females, maybe playing hard to get (i.e. Has ‘playing hard to get’ actually worked since his 20’s?)  With all the display, it’s hard to believe that I’d be hard pressed to find somebody who has actually seen them ever mate!  (i.e. This is true fact, I didn’t make that up!)

Given our natural habit to be peacocks and peahens, I was inspired to showcase a way to celebrate your inner and outer “peacock” on your wedding day.  

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Bride’s Clutch

Clutch ThatPicture 6

Matching clutch and ties for the bridal party…

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Picture 9peacock table setting

All photos courtesy of Etsy