I’m willing to lie about how we met…..

by sublimeevents

Can I just scream out to the universe “IT’S OKAY IF YOU MET ONLINE!!!”  The simple fact is that we are living in a cyber-space world of meeting, greeting and dating…yes, DATING.  At least half of my clients met online.  “Match” “Eharmony” “Craigslist”….whatever.  What I’m here to say is that it’s okay.  Don’t spend precious time together scheming up your bogus “how we met” story, so that there is a moving tale to tell at the rehearsal dinner.  Embrace the method of your meeting…it’s a beautiful thing.

I will catch fiery winds for this, but here is a picture of a client of mine who met on http://www.match.com.  They are sincerely Sublime, with the recent arrival of a beautiful baby girl.


Photograph by: La Vie Photography

Be Sublime,