Photographed with LOVE

by sublimeevents


After numerous inquiries, praises, “ooohs”, and “ahhhs” over these photographs of my daughter and I, I’ve decided it’s time for me to post some photos.  When I first met Sean Watson, one of the first things I recognized about him was his eye for creativity and the simply beautiful things in life.  We set up a photo shoot at my home, and what resulted was something beyond my expectations.  You see, I’m a bit camera shy (if you can believe that!?!), so the fact that Sean was able to capture such raw, memorable and sweet moments between Olive and I, truly astounded me!  I will forever cherish these photos. 

Not only did the shoot turn out fabulous, Sean also designed the “Mum & Olive” logo (above) for a memory book I put together!  Now that’s what I call a full package of “All Things Loved!”  


Be Sublime,