Not So Mellow: Yellow

by sublimeevents

Color Palette: 101

I don’t know if it was the recent trickery of summer weather and sunshine here in Seattle, or the Spring daffodils gracing the sidewalk flower beds, but I have been obsessed with yellow lately.  While some may find yellow boring, I find it happy and alive, screaming for the attention it deserves.  So many people are afraid of incorporating bold colors in their wedding, but if I were to put on my yellow wedding goggles, here is what I’d see.  

picture-33 Alexis Bittar         Give your bridesmaids a timeless gift they’ll cherish forever–a        beautiful broach from Alexis Bittar.

A bridal bouquet of ivory peonies, julia roses and bright yellow ranunculus make for a whimsical, yet bold and stunning statement.




Put on your yellow dancing shoes and do your happy dance!

picture-39I just love the contrast of yellow calililies with the seafoam fabric.


A sugary yellow treat will ensure happy, smiley guests!











A color inspired signature cocktail adds to the overall charm of the event.

picture-12Say “CIAO!” to your guests, and make your escape on a vintage, yellow Vespa.  Now that’s a departure your guests will remember.

Be Sublime,