Saving the Planet: One invitation at a time

by sublimeevents

WV Stationery

I love all things paper. I love getting handwritten notes in the mail. I love reading magazines. I love beautiful napkins, wrapping paper, books, the Sunday newspaper, menus at restaurants, etc.  I buy paper for the thrill of it.  I have wrapping paper, letterpress Valentine’s Day cards, card stock, ribbon and velum piled so high in my office, it would take a lifetime to use it all.  I need to know that in a pinch, I’m equipped to write a “hello”, “thank you” or “love you” to a friend.  While I have a love affair with paper, I have an obsession for wedding invitations!  I have saved every wedding invitation I’ve gotten since my friends were old enough to tie the knot!  

I recently discovered a wedding invitation company based in Los Angeles that immediately caught my attention.  Not only have the ladies of Wiley Valentine designed luxurious, modern, one-of-a-kind wedding stationery, their paper is also eco-friendly.  All of the paper that Wiley Valentine prints is either 100% recycled PSC or 100% cotton, a natural, renewable resource.  (No trees….yea!)  The eye candy can only be found at one location in Seattle–Stuhlbergs on Queen Anne Hill.  Call Anne Stuhlberg (206.352.2351) to arrange a consultation and discover the beauty of an age-old thing called……paper.

Be Sublime,