by sublimeevents

Why, I keep asking myself, is not everybody flocking to Vessel??  The most hip and innovative cocktails, atmosphere, and vibe in town?  Is it their marketing, their location?  Dubious myself as to why I should pay $12 for a drink at a place that I can’t seem to find on anybody’s radar, I decided to give it a go round.  Upon the most gracious greeting, and feeling of “am I in Seattle right now?” vibe, I was immediately hooked.  The bartender is flawless, mixing the most unique cocktails I’ve ever experienced.  And not to overshadow the beverage….but the glassware was exquisite!!!  (Coming straight from an event designer, trust me!)  The “team” at Vessel often spends weekends rummaging through estate sales and antique stores on the islands to find their glassware.  Not a single glass will be identical!  I like to think about the life and history of the glass, as I sip and savor the ubiquitous beverage.  The Corpse Revivor was indeed a cocktail to remember!  And for those of you who like to see and be seen, place yourself in the seats spotlighted in the front window, as though putting yourself on display as eye candy for all who passes by on the street.

Vessel has a private space upstairs that can be reserved for small dinner parties of 20-50 guests.  Don’t overlook one of the sexiest bars in town to host your next soiree!  

Be Sublime,